Contribute to Curtis Olson for Mayor

I believe that campaigns for change need to be open to citizens from all walks of life and that's what my campaign to be your next Mayor is all about.

Unlike typical candidates who raise thousands of dollars from the special interest or the establishment 'old boys club' at private fundraising events or through their websites, only to have those same individuals or groups cash in on their 'donation' when it comes time to influencing government decisions, the only donation amount that I'm accepting is $20.17.

I'm doing this purposely so that every Calgarian has an equal opportunity to raise their voice in this upcoming election and symbolically it's an amount that speaks to the need for change in 2017.

All campaigns require funding - your donation will ensure that there are enough resources to spread the message and 10% of the entire amount raised will be donated to the Calgary Food Bank.

Thank you for your support!

#CPlanYYC #ForCalgarians


Donations are in accordance with the Local Authorities Election Act.